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Starwood Rafters

Starwood Rafters was founded in 1964 out of Independence, Wisconsin.

Lam-Ply Trusses

Features Wirth and Fedewa Exclusive Distributor of Starwood Rafters
  • Spans from 20' to 72' feet.
  • Can be spaced 8', 10' or 12' feet apart, depending on the load you desire.
  • Combines Glu-Lams, plywood and dimensional lumber for strength and economy.
  • Assembled with exterior-grade adhesives that can hold up better in high-moisture environments than a steel plated truss.

Wirth and Fedewa Exclusive Distributor of Starwood Rafters Advantages
  • Stronger. Can be spaced further apart than conventional truss.
  • More headroom. You gain clearance because the bottom cord is raised.
  • Shop assembled. Comes to the site ready to install. Weather delays are minimized by quick enclosure.
  • Purlin hanger for roof purlins and no open webs on bottom chord eliminates nestling area for birds.
  • The raised bottom chord improves ventilation.

I-Lam Rafters

Features Wirth and Fedewa Exclusive Distributor of Starwood Rafters
  • I-Lam Beams combine plywood with dimensional lumber nailed and glued for superior strength and dimensional stability.
  • Purlin hanger system between I-Beam rafters speeds erection and provides a more stable building.
  • I-Lam Beams have more load-bearing and spanning capabilities than dimensional lumber.
  • I-Lam Beams can be spaced up to 16' on center depending on span and loadings.

Mono Lam-Ply Rafters

Features Wirth and Fedewa Exclusive Distributor of Starwood Rafters
  • Ideal solar applications for livestock enclosures. Sunlight and proper ventilation provide a desirable environment for healthier animals.
  • The Lam-Ply Truss results in a stronger structure.
  • Building spans from up to 50'.
  • By being able to space trusses up to 12' on center, it speeds erection time and reduces labor costs.
  • Hanger system keep purlins flush with top of truss and no open webbing prevents bird roosting areas.
  • Mono-Solar Lam-Ply Trusses provide buildings that are pleasant to look at inside and out.
  • Solar framing can be built in or we can custom design the truss to fit your needs.

Gambrel Rafters

  • Volume of building equal to gothic type building.
  • Design is flexible enough to fit your own design needs. Either use our standard designs or we can custom-build to your design. Must be set on a floor due to withstand the outward thrust of the design.
  • Easy applications of steel roofing.
  • Quick installation of side doors.
  • Building spans up to 60' wide.
  • Rigid frame constructions with a continuous laminated interior core.
  • Lower cost per sq. ft of loading with 12' on center erection.
  • Can be spaced 12' on center depending on the load you desire.
  • Joist hanger system between gambrel rafters speeds erection and provides a more stable building.

Laminated Gothic Rafters

  • Laminated Rafters are strong because of a uniform load distribution over the total length of the rafters.
  • The High Arch Design provides useful floor space and allows the free movement of air to naturally move up and out of the building.
  • The attractive shape of the arch naturally resists wind and snow loads.

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